Training Schedule




Public Training Class

Public training class is organized at rented hotel facility with food & refreshment are provided throughout the training session.

Please contact us for training calendar, brochure, quotation and registration form.

Should public training not be scheduled for a specific program we will consider opening an ad hoc public training class if you’ve minimum guaranteed participants to attend a particular interested program



In-House Training Class

In-house training can be organized at your premises or at a hotel facility rented by participating company.

In house training can be conducted on weekdays or weekends (including public holidays) and can be presented at your choice of language.

In-house training saves your traveling time, saves per person training cost and meeting your target participants scheduling needs.

Please contact us for an in-house training proposal and let us how many participants and your tentative training date.


All programs are SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan) claimable*

Courses organized by METALLOY is without the Goods and Services Tax.

*Prior approval from PSMB is required for training grants or any form of rebates.

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