Manufacturing Insights Skills® Training

Module 7 - Materials Engineering Series




ME01: Metallurgy of Iron & Steel


Course Contents (2-day training):

  1. Fundamental Concepts – The Building Blocks for Iron & Steel

  2. Microstructure of Iron & Steel – The Insights View of Iron & Steel

  3. Refining of Ferrous Materials – From Iron Ore to Useful Articles

  4. Thermal Mechanical Processing of Steel – Tailoring The Properties



ME02: Steels & Its Heat Treatment


Course Contents (2-day training):

  1. The Principle of Hardening: The WHAT, WHEN & HOW of steel heat treating.
  2. Industrial Heat Treating: Types of Heat Treatment Processes & Its Purposes.
  3. Problems Associated with Heat Treated Parts: Material Factors & Heat Treating Practice.
  4. Inspection Techniques for Heat Treated Parts: Mechanical, Microstructure & Non-Destructive Tests.



ME03: Metallurgical Failures Understanding & Prevention


Course Contents (2-day training):

  1. Distortion Failures - Temporary & Permanent distortion, Yielding, Creep, Buckling, Internal Stress.

  2. Wear Failures Abrasive, Adhesive, Erosion, Contact Stress Fatigue or Pitting Wear.

  3. Cracking Problems - Single-load & Multiple-load Fracture, Brittle & Ductile Fracture, Fatigue cracks.

  4. Corrosion Failures Galvanic, Uniform, Crevice, Stress Corrosions, Pitting, Dealloying, Erosion, Oxygen-concentration cell.



ME04: Aluminum Alloys & Its Heat Treatment


Course Contents (2-day training):

  1. Aluminum Alloys Classification – Al. making, Alloys designations, Temper designations, Heat treatable & non heat treatable alloys.

  2. Properties of Aluminum & Testing Mechanical & physical properties, Alloying elements functions, Hardness tests, Tensile tests.

  3. Metallurgy of Aluminum - Microstructures & phase diagrams, Solute hardening, Work hardening, Precipitation hardening, Cold & hot working, Recovery & recrystallization.

  4. Heat Treating of Aluminum Alloys Solution treatment, Quenching, Ageing, Distortion control, Holding time, Handling time, Refrigeration.



ME05: Stainless Steels & Processing Control


Course Contents (2-day training):

  1. Stainless Steel & Its Properties:
    Types of Stainless Steels, Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Resistance and its Applications.
  2. Cold Deformation of Stainless Steels:
    Residual stress during cold working, Work hardening & Recovery, Plastic deformation induced transformation and ferromagnetism.
  3. Welding of Stainless Steels:
    Welding characteristics of SS, Welding Guides & Practices, Hot cracking and carbide precipitation.
  4. Heat Treating of Stainless Steels:
    Metallurgy, Bright Annealing, Stress Relieve Annealing, Sensitization of Stainless Steels.






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