Manufacturing Insights Skills® Training

Module 1: Precision Engineering Series



PE01: Failures of Tools & Dies and Precaution


Course Contents (2-day training program):

  1. Failures Due To Design Faults
  2. Failures Due To Tooling Materials
  3. Failures Due To Machining Defects
  4. Failures Due To Poor Heat Treatment



PE02: Hardening Quality & Tooling Performance


Course Contents (2-day training program):

  1. Hardening of Moulds, Tools & Dies
  2. Hardening Problems Causes & Solutions
  3. Through Hardening & Its Procedures
  4. Improved Hardening for Quality Tooling & Performance  




PE03: Tool Steels Selection & Tooling Improvement


Course Contents (2-day training program):

  1. Tool Steels Classification and Standard
  2. Tool Steels Refining Process 
  3. Tool Steels Properties
  4. Applications & Selection Guides of Tool Steels    




PE04: Carbide Materials & Hard Surface Coatings


Course Contents (2-day training program):

  1. Introduction & Classification of Cemented Carbides
  2. Manufacturing of Cemented Carbides                                                     
  3. Properties of Cemented Carbides
  4. Carbides Cutting Tools & Forming Tools Failures
  5. Hard Surface Coatings




PE05: Tooling Properties, Testing & Control


Course Contents (2-day training program):

  1. Tooling Properties & Failure Modes  
  2. Tooling Tests & Techniques  
  3. Tooling Properties & Their Applications
  4. Surface Properties Modification & Control







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